LOVE POWER Interviews – Garrison Grouse

In order to get a better idea of what exactly is happening at Love Power on Friday, we went to Garrison Grouse, the booker at the new venue. We talked about the event, the history of the space and plans for the future.

Photo by Brad Ogbonna

MPLS.TV: First off, how did this event come together? Who initiated it?

Garrison: A little over a month ago Love Power held a going away party for my good friend. She and our mutual friend Albert Elmore convinced Ryan Olson and Marijuana Deathsquads to play the event to wish her a proper good bye. This was when Ryan and I first connected. The event was blast! Afterwards Ryan approached me with the idea of a huge party he was planning with Jonathan Ackerman involving both live acts and DJs. I was immediately intrigued with the idea, especially since I was planning on doing a huge party with a similar idea for New Years, which ended up falling through. Ryan put an unbelievable line up together. After some of the logistics were hammered out, this event was born!

MPLS.TV: As a new venue in town, this is a pretty huge event to be hosting (in terms of size and importance). What should people expect from the venue?

Garrison: Love Power was built as a Children’s Mission building in the early 1900s. It has changed hands a number of times. Over that time there have been a number of ministries that have worshiped in the building. One common misconception of the building is that it is a church. In fact it’s not. Even though there currently is a ministry renting and holding services in the middle floor, the building itself is not and never has been a church. The plan with Love Power is to make it a multi-function event space, not too different from The Varsity Theater. A big thing to keep in mind for this event is that Love Power is going through a major transitional stage. There are months of renovation ahead of us, so don’t get too attached to its current appearance. ; )

MPLS.TV: So far Love Power has played host to events for the Spark festival, a party on the night of the zombie pub crawl, and recently held a “techno brunch” on New Year’s day. Are these events any indication of the direction you will be going towards when booking events at Love Power?

Garrison: Minneapolis has a rapidly growing electronic music scene, one that I personally have become quite fond of being an electronic musician myself. I would really like to continue supporting that, however not stop there. The West Bank has a long tradition of producing exceptional art, music, and theater. I’m going to try my best to have Love Power become key player in this growing community.

We just started a weekly Wednesday night comedy show hosted by local comic Sam Spadino, which has been a lot of fun. We’re also hosting a Vegan food event later this month with Nicole Brenny (Waxx Maxx vocalist and Coconut Bliss representative) and Jewel of India restaurant. I think that will be a lot of fun as well! Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for up coming events at Love Power. There will be many great ones coming up!

MPLS.TV: What excites you most about this event in particular?

Garrison: I’m excited to see what Marijuana Deathsquads does for the 14th, since they are always mixing things up to keep it fresh. I’m also really pumped to see Mystery Palace and Slapping Purses! Don’t forget that before the big event Jon Davis (Ghostband) is hosting his monthly event “Something Else” at the 1419 space down the street from 7pm-10pm. It’s going to be an open drone jam pot luck dinner with food and alcohol from Jewel of India! $5.00 will get you a meal and a unique musical experience that anyone can be a part of!

All week MPLS.TV will be featuring interviews with participants in the Love Power event. Check back tomorrow for more info and insight!