LOVE POWER Interviews – Jonathan Ackerman

For our third installment of the LOVE POWER interviews, we talked with Jonathan Ackerman about his involvement in the event, the local band and DJ scene, and how they’re coming together. And just for fun, we included a cheaply made animated video version of the interview (for those who don’t like to read, skip to the bottom.)

Splishin’ & Splashin’ with Jonathan Ackerman

MPLS.TV: As a Dj and “party starter”, this isn’t exactly the sort of event that one would typically associate you with. How did you get involved?

Jonathan: Ryan Olson and I get along really well. We talk about music a lot, and we’re both into each other’s word. We’ve been talking about doing an after party together for a while, since September. Finally he came to me and said, “hey, we’re doing this”. I’ve known other people involved in the event for a long time. I’ve known Jon Davis for like, 6 years. We were both super into IDM (intelligent dance music), and Albert (Elmore) and I are really into a lot of the same music. We’re all coming from the same thing, but I do dance parties and not everyone there wants to hear weird IDM at a dance party. But I still love that shit.

MPLS.TV: Some people might think of the DJ/ dance party scene as being separate from other parts of the local band scene. What’s your take on that?

Jonathan: I think that bands and DJs don’t typically do shows together because even though we’re friends and like each other a lot, the venues don’t always work for both. Sometimes the sound system is the issue, sometimes the space, sometimes we just don’t cater to the same crowd. But with places like Nick & Eddie you’re starting to see more of a convergence of these scenes. I used to DJ on Wednesday’s at Nick & Eddie, when Marijuana Deathsquads were playing there. Ryan would tell me to play whatever I wanted to. I would play weird shit, totally different from my normal sets, that I didn’t think anyone would be into, but people really responded to it.

MPLS.TV: What excites you the most about this event?

Jonathan: I think all of the bands in this line up are sick. These are a bunch of people who I think do really cool stuff in the Twin Cities coming together for one event. I’ve been into Andrew Broder for a long time. Slapping Purses reminds me of Detroit electro! And I love Ryan Olcott and Mystery Palace, he did some circuit bending with some drum machines I gave him. I really like getting people together and doing things like this. The sheer size of this event really allows for multiple types of music to share the same space. We’re all going to have a good time, and there’s a bunch of awesome stuff that I can’t even talk about!

MPLS.TV: Like what?

Jonathan: Nunya.

MPLS.TV: Huh?!


MPLS.TV: But what will I tell the people? I need to give them answers!

Jonathan: You can tell them, “Hannah Silk Champagne answers to no one.”

MPLS.TV Ah…ok.

All week MPLS.TV will be featuring interviews with participants in the Love Power event. Check back tomorrow for more info and insight!