LOVE POWER Interviews – Albert Elmore

Tomorrow is the big day. So far we’ve talked three people who have been instrumental in putting together different aspects of the event. But for today’s interview we decided to talk to someone who has been spending their time creating some of the jams you’ll be hearing tomorrow night. Albert Elmore. We talked a little about his history in the Minneapolis music scene(s), his upcoming (physical) album release and his numerous different aliases. (And yes, there is another silly video at the end of the feature.)

MPLS.TV: So according to the facebook event, you’re performing at this event under the name John Jacob 3. Have you been performing around town under other names, or do you not play shows very often?

Albert: Yes, but I have changed my mind and decided to play as LO MATTIN instead. This week my feelings have changed again. Thinking I might go back to JON JACOB 3. Both of which are aliases I have not used live or otherwise yet. Within the last couple of years I have swapped in and out between about ten different names. Beat Takahashi, SMAK 10 thousand, Never Say DJ Fred Equipment, James St Murder Laden Mitten Wonder, DJ TJ PUBERT, DJ JC PENNEY, Autechre 2, DJ Dan Druff. To name a few.

MPLS.TV: This event features a lot of TGNP artists, and you’re releasing an album with them sometime soon, right? What can we expect from that?

Albert: My involvement in the live music scene is worth about eight years of performance through out different circles in our city. I have been releasing music exclusively via the Bootlegs web server since 2004. A lot of jim wave and luke dragon’s weed music. I have my first physical format release coming out with Totally Gross National Product in late February, if everything goes as planned. It’s a 12 inch vinyl album of select favorites from an archive of my work dating as far back as 2004. The label and I are both really excited to see this stuff on vinyl.

MPLS.TV: Have you spent any time at the love power venue? What do you think of it?

Albert: I have spent a little bit of time working with some people at Love Power. Talking about how much we hate the name Love Power. Possibly building them a website. Talk about possibly having the release party for “the albert record” there. Lots of talk in this town. Not enough gun fire. Or sega.

MPLS.TV: What excites you about this event, as a performer/participant and as an observer?

Albert: As for the event this Friday, I am super excited to see STNNNG. They really know how to tear a seat off. I am also excited to see who shows up. The line up suggests we’ll have people from here, there and everywhere. Get a take a woof off. Tear a seat off, k?

All week MPLS.TV will be featuring interviews with participants in the Love Power event. Check back tomorrow for more info and insight!