Trivia La Revolucion – The Hard Fought Battle for the Trivia Cup

Photo via Jenni Ripley

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Trivia La Revolucion – The Hard Fought Battle For The Trivia Cup
By Josh, Team Captain of Gomorra the Explorer

Usually we are six but tonight our first challenge came when the Trivia Cup rules demanded that we only field a team of four. Our top four were carefully chosen and we converged at Gluek’s, ready to win a championship – Brian the musician for his music knowledge; Matt for his movie knowledge; me because I am the alpha male; Jen because she organized it, and also because she is a girl. At the start of the game she admits that if Mike the Chef could have made it she would have given up her spot so we had a better chance of winning. I laugh, but secretly I curse Mike for not being able to come.

The game starts and the questions come fast. We barely have time to second-guess ourselves. Round 2 is upon us quickly and any illusions we had that these questions would be watered down for the ‘downtown crowd’ are out the window. In fact, they seem harder today. Jen is the only one of us that knows that Diocletian’s Palace is in Croatia. I regret wishing her away earlier.

The Musician dominated the Sound Round of course. My knowledge of the Cure comes in handy, briefly, but I find myself spending the round looking at the girl at the table next to us with the grey t-shirt. She looks nice.

There’s a picture round. It’s about shapes. We are mad because, what is this, 10th grade geometry? We fucking know what a rhombus is. Every obvious question is an advantage to the amateurs.

Suddenly, we’re the amateurs. But really, how could anybody know what the plastic tips of shoelaces are called? We find out later that our server told my girl in the grey t-shirt the answer. I tip him less for this.

The later rounds start to really bring us down. We can feel the ship sinking during the celebrity questions. All of us joke that we have better things to read about but deep inside I make a note to start watching more E. The second Sound Round lifts our spirits with songs from the 90’s. I miss 93.7 The Edge more than I realized.

The 2nd picture round is difficult. It’s about the Golden Globes, which our team did not watch. We were busy WINNING trivia on Sunday at the 331 and loudly proclaim this to anyone within earshot. I can only hope the girl with the grey t-shirt is impressed.

We have decided that the eighth and final round will never be mentioned again. That is all I can say about that, except that a score of zero in a round is incredibly embarrassing and were a team to score zero it would cement their resolve to play as much bar trivia as possible and avenge this terrible performance. Sunday cannot come soon enough, for with it comes the opportunity for redemption and redemption is best served with two for one High Lifes.

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