Bike City: How To Fix A Flat + Stupor Bowl

This premiere episode of Bike City is hosted by Gene Oberpriller, a legend in the local bike scene and part owner of One on One bike studio. Gene takes his encyclopedic knowledge of all things bike to demonstrate how to fix a flat tire. Afterwards, Bike City goes straight into the heart of our rich bike culture by showcasing this year’s Stupor Bowl.

Directed by: Ryan Warner
Videographers: Tommy Paulson Jr., Andy Winters, Keith Moechnig, & Daniel Garristen
Produced by: Ryan Warner with assistance from Laura Gill
Edited by: Josh Carlon & Sean Dominic
Motion Graphics by: Josh Carlon & Aaron Groh
Illustration by: Roger Lootine & Aaron Groh
Photography by: Leif Hanson
Music provided by: The Book of Right On

Special Thanks: One on One Bicycle Studio, Surly Bikes, & Chris Cloud

Bike City is created with local support by Surly Bikes