Flowers (Guest: Kylo Moonguts)

Kylo Moonguts, who’s turned 26 on the day this video was released, is an artist and screenprinter living in Uptown Minneapolis. His real name is Kyle Coughlin, but he notes that “there’s a jazz saxophonist by that name who gets all the top hits on Google, so I thought I’d better come up with an alias.”

Moonguts has a long history with MPLS.TV—he’s created posters and other graphics, including the caricature banner that formerly ran across the top of the MPLS.TV website.

On (let’s hope) the last snowy day of the winter, I called Moonguts to talk about his work.

How did you get started in art, and how did your work take the turn it did?
I went to school for graphic design out in Arizona, and after I moved back home to Minneapolis I started doing random freelance work. I got into screenprinting, and it’s led to me making a lot of connections around town, meeting more people, and getting involved in a diverse range of projects.

As an artist, who are your major influences?
I don’t have any specific answers to that one. I like to pull inspirations from a lot of different areas. I just look at what’s around me, and what’s cool and trending at the moment.

What’s the most satisfying thing about your work?
I just always like to keep creating new things, to constantly be creative and producing work, to get as many ideas out there as I can.

What projects do you have planned in the future?
I’m working on the Red Hot Art Festival right now; I’m doing all their artwork and design. I’m also doing the layout for the new CD by Bethany Larson and the Bees Knees. I’m a staff member at Paper Darts, an art and literary magazine, and we’re working on our fourth issue.

Tell me about your video with Dillon.
I talked with Dillon a while ago about doing some intros for City of Music, but we never got one of those done. Then he put out a tweet saying he was looking for new people and I contacted him. I met him at his house because he had an extra panel left over from the last episode. We sat around and brainstormed for a little bit, and the whole thing took maybe six hours. We just kind of freestyled, and we did some small animation parts. We animated the intro, and we did a continuation of the last episode. We had the episode start with a rocket ship shooting out of the city and flying over to the other side of the panel and crashing and creating a new cityscape.

Doodle wt Dillon // Kylo Moonguts

What do you like on your tacos?
Everything except for cilantro. That’s the worst.

- Interview by Jay Gabler