10 Reasons to Submit a 10 Second Film to The Soap Factory’s Ten Second Film Festival


Photo by Joe Michaud-Scorza

1. Instant intergalactic fame
2. By the time you read through these 10 reasons you could have submitted a 10-second film!
3. Catharsis for your inner fart joke
4. 10 seconds is the new “15 minutes of fame”
5. Have your film screened in front of 3,000 screaming fans
6. You can make 90 10-second films in the time it takes for a traffic light to change
7. You don’t need a film degree to capture 10 seconds of movie magic
8. Make your mom proud
9. It justifies your over-priced smart phone
10. Turn your friend’s drunken antics into high art

Here’s how you can submit (Psst. You have until Midnight!):

Email your films to: tensecond@soapfactory.org
Anyone is free and encouraged to enter up to six films to the Ten Second Film Festival. All films submitted will be juried by curator Lillian Egner and a panel of trusted advisors. Films will be sorted into ten categories determined at the time of selection. On the night of the festival, prizes are awarded to the best films in each category. Winning films are determined by a panel of local celebrity judges and audience reaction. Past categories have included: , What the hell am I looking at?, Dance Off, Moment of Zen, Mindless Violence, Best Documentary, Wait For It…, Most Disturbing, Kubrick Award, and Under the Influence.

Submission guidelines:
• All submissions must be around ten seconds in length
• Participants are encouraged to create films on alternative movie-making technologies (cell phones, digital cameras with a movie function).
• Each participant may submit up to six films for consideration
• Films should be titled and credits supplied in the email
• Films are encouraged to include a sound component

DO NOT include a title/credit page in your film. You should submit only raw footage.

Email film submissions to tensecond@soapfactory.org. Include ONE film per email (ie: if you have multiple submissions, send a separate email for each). The subject line of the email should be the film’s title. Please include the following information in your email:
• Filmmaker’s name(s):
• Filmmaker’s current city of residence:
• Title of film:
• I heard about the film festival through:
• I made this movie using:

Filmmakers will be notified of acceptance by June 20th. Accepted films will be screened on July 4 at The Soap Factory.