#mplssummer: Twin Cities Improv Festival

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Twin Cities Improv Festival

One of those festivals begins tonight: the 5th annual Twin Cities Improv Festival, June 23-26, for the first time ever at HUGE Theater. With local performers headlining the stage as well as groups from Chicago, Austin, New York & Oklahoma City, this is truly an improv fest on the national scale. This year’s TCIF features legendary improvisers TJ Jagodowski & David Pasquesi from Chicago, stars of the film Trust Us, This Is All Made Up. Unfortunately both the Friday & Saturday TJ & Dave shows are sold out, buy you can see them (and even ask a question!) at their Q&A session Sunday from 2-3PM at Huge Theater. Other beloved local acts include the Brave New Workshop, The Minneapples, Jill Bernard‘s Drum Machine, Splendid Things, The Gay/Straight Alliance, Fingergun as well as a host of others. The shows are a steal at 10 bucks a pop and the festival offers workshops to hone your skills – but act fast: of the 9 classes offered, 6 are already filled. For more information & for tickets, visit the Twin Cities Improv Festival website.