MPLS.TV + MIX: Brittney Sabo [5/5]

 "I think you're Saucome"

Each week until the second annual Minneapolis Indie Xpo on November 5-6, 2011 at The Soap Factory, MPLS.TV will be featuring the work of a different cartoonist that will be at MIX.

Above: Guest comic for “I think you’re Saucome”, a web comic by Sarah Becan.

Artist: Brittney Sabo


Brittney is a comic artist from Minneapolis with just published her first graphic novel, “Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny! Book 1″ last year with the help of the Xeric Grant. Her work often features the supernatural, myth, and folklore. She also works as a background artist on Vertigo’s ‘The Unwritten’ series. Besides working on the second volume of the ‘Francis Sharp’ series, she is also busy completing a couple mini-comics and other projects.