#mplssummer: See Some HOTTEA

#mplssummer: See Some HOT TEA

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Minneapolis’s hottest street artist is a duo that has been working with thread and fiber to create interesting and imaginative works across the city. Keep your eyes peeled for yellow or pink letters.

See some HOTTEA on Friday at Impermanent Public.


Impermanent Public is an examination on the new evolution of street art as a means of positive interaction in public spaces. There is little doubt that street art is now one of the dominant voices in contemporary art. Celebrity street artists such as Banksy, Space Invader and OBEY can be found in public settings but predominantly in galleries, museums, and in endless lines of merchandise. The focus of this type of street art tends to be recognition for the artist, and not for the art itself. Impermanent Public will examine work by local, national and international artists whose main message is awakening a renewed wonderment with the urban landscape, all while using organic materials and non-destructive methods to relate with the public and our shared spaces.

This exhibit will feature a mix of installation, collaborative and documented works by:

- Sean Martindale
- Lee Walton
- Nathaniel
- Jenny Moxley
- Light The Underground
- Phil Jones
- Andrew Casey