Flying Solo – HOTTEA’s Solo Show at Haus Salon


At MPLS.TV, we’re big fans of local art, especially local art that can be found in the streets. We’re happy to announce the support of Flying Solo – HOTTEA’s solo show. Yep. This HOTTEA. The one you see around Minneapolis spelled out in yarn.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing some of HOTTEA’s videos on our Tumblr and will have an exclusive interview with HOTTEA on Friday! Learn more about the show below.

Flying Solo
Saturday November 19th from 7-9PM
HAUS Salon
4240 Nicollet Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN


The show starts out with a font created within an old hand railing
dating back to probably the early 1900′s. This piece demonstrates my
love for mixing new with old and also represents the concept of the
HOTTEA project. Taking two ideas or people and finding common ground
to create a closer and stronger bond.

It then shifts to my work inspired by the telephone pole fonts done
with nails and yarn. This is the second example how my work has made
the transition from street art to gallery pieces but without losing
it’s voice or authenticity. For this piece I created an image of my
grandmother Socorro based on a grid and then essentially created a
large scale connect the dot image. I projected the image onto the
wall and put nails where later I could connect the points with yarn to
create a detailed portrait of my grandmother using only nails and


My third piece is inspired by the large scale pedestrian bridge
installations. Except this time I am responding to the space within
the gallery and have created a site specific piece where the yarn
doesn’t stretch across the ceiling but rather, hangs. The idea behind
this piece is to capture the energy and intensity of my large scale
street art pieces. I want to give the viewer an experience they won’t
forget within the gallery. For this piece the longest piece of yarn
hangs 15feet from the ceiling and there are an estimated 4,000 pieces
of yarn. Lots of work!


For my 4th and 5th pieces I will be creating work within a pair of
chain link fences. Again, inspired from my fonts based in chain link
fences, this piece will depart from the font but remain in it’s
original birthplace. I will be creating 6ft by 6ft color field
paintings done with yarn. There will be two separate pieces but will
communicate with each other using color. The main idea behind this
piece is to create a metaphor to HOT and TEA. The phrase itself
represents two people and that is what the paintings will respond to.
They are separate but are bonded by the concept behind the HOTTEA