Erika Ochoa

Erika O.

MPLS.TV runs on the fuel of creative energy and volunteered free time. Offscreen takes a look at the contributors who aren’t always front and center on the site, and on their lives away from MPLS.TV.

Name: Erika Ochoa

Age: 28

Role: Producer, director, and camera operator for series including City of Music and Street Stories

Where she’s from: ”Kansas, in between Lawrence and Kansas City. I’ve moved a lot. I moved to Minneapolis with my boyfriend from California to go to school.”

Day job: Freelance cinematographer, director, and producer. “I got involved in film production when I moved here three years ago. So not very long at all, but when I do something, I like to really dive in!”

Favorite MPLS.TV memories: “Being on set, of course! I love working with Joanna Solotaroff on Street Stories. We always have so much fun! And working with all the City of Music dudes!”

When she’s working: “I love meeting people and working with others in the process of developing ideas, even as insane and challenging as it can be sometimes. I love the collaboration. It truly is an amazing, satisfying, fun thing to see something from concept to finish. I like challenging myself and directing and producing is certainly, most times, a challenge.”

When she’s not: “These days, sleep. That’s getting to be more of a rarity.”

Favorite local places: “My backyard. Cedar Lake. New favorite: The Riverview Wine Bar.”

Best Minneapolis meal: “I’m a sucker for a good salad bar. I know, I know, so typical girl…but the Seward Co-op has a great one!”

What the city needs: “Latest rant: More f-ing coat hooks! Where are we? Cancun? No! We’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota, people! Where you have to have a coat on half the year! Come on!”

Dream project: “My hair. Just teasing. (Ha ha! No pun intended!)”

Last word: “A tale of caution: Don’t pick a Janis Joplin hit for the first time you ever do karaoke and you are sober. It’s gonna be a failure. Lesson learned.”

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