Dave Kenney: mn70s

Dave Kenney

Dave Kenney is a local writer who has authored several books on Minnesota history. His blog, mn70s, a tribute to our great state in the time of disco, is this week’s #FollowFriday Tumblr pick.

State Fair 1973 (by Robert Glenn McCall, Jr.)

Why did you start mn70s?

It grew out of my latest book project. My co-author, Thomas Saylor, and I are working on a history of 1970s Minnesota for the Minnesota Historical Society Press. The book should be available in the fall of 2013. Since I was gathering all sorts of material that probably won’t make it into the book, I figured I might as well share it with the world——or at least with that tiny segment of the world that finds the 1970s and Minnesota interesting.

What it is about the 1970s that make people so nostalgic for that era?

There’s a pretty big chunk of the baby boom generation that came of age during the 1970s, so a little nostalgia is to be expected. Those of us who remember the decade know that it produced more than its share of embarrassments (think polyester leisure suits and harvest gold kitchens), but many of us also have this vague notion that it deserves more credit that it often receives (it was, for example, perhaps the greatest decade for movies). I’ve made it my job to rescue the 1970s’ ruined reputation——with a Minnesota twist.

1976 St. Patrick's Day Parade

What’s your favorite post so far?

I’d have to say my current favorite is the (February 3, 2012) post about the 1979 Minnesota Twins. I get an especially big kick out of digging up obscure items from the web (in this case, an old TV commercial from tcmedianow.com) and providing the historical context that makes people say, “Hey, I didn’t know that!” or “Hey, I remember that!”

What are some of your favorite Tumblrs?

I’m very fond of Tumblrs who share my interest in Minnesota history. A few that come immediately to mind: Thomas Lowry’s Ghost; Minnesota Perigrinations; Stuff About Minneapolis; Hennepin County Library; St. Paul Public Library.

What do you love about the Twin Cities?

Right now, I’m loving the weather. Mostly, though, I love living in a place populated by so many thoughtful, smart, interesting, and civic-minded people. Plus, I grew up here. It’s my home and always will be.

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