Second Hand Emotion: Rebuilding Lost Artwork

Isaac Arvold Second Hand Emotion

Project: Second Hand Emotion

Goal: $6,500
Deadline: Friday, April 6
Second Hand Emotion has already surpassed its monetary goal.

Why it’s good: Brooklyn-based artist Isaac Arvold, originally from Minnesota, lost the bag of notebooks containing years of his artwork in a few seconds of absent-mindedness. Luckily, he had photos and scans of much of the work, and he decided to not just recreate what was lost, but to re-imagine it. Second Hand Emotion, which opens April 21 at CO Exhibitions, will display those new creations through not only Arvold’s own paintings and illustrations, but also music, dance, and a documentary film by Maria Juranic. The Kickstarter campaign funds art supplies, documentation of the project, and transporting the finished pieces–54 of them–to Minneapolis for the show. The specificity and originality of the project is sure to make for a captivating event and collection of art.

Rewards: Arvold worked with Rhymesayers artists for several years, so it’s not surprising to see Atmosphere pop up at the $20 reward level, in the form of a tour zine that collects his drawings, photos, and notes from months on the road with the hip-hop group. Higher donations get even more personal rewards: hand-drawn thank-you cards, custom paintings, and Arvold’s mother’s popover recipe. “I chose the rewards based on what I thought I could accomplish and be proud of. I want people to feel like they are getting something of worth and know they are supporting the arts,” he says.

Why Kickstarter: ”I think Kickstarter is amazing because it gives power to the artist, and more importantly, it gives power to the people,” Arvold says. He decided to use the site for this project after browsing it to check out what other artists were working on, and has been impressed so far with how easy it’s been to use and how much support he’s received. “I just want to share my work with people,” he adds. “I think that if anything, Kickstarter allows you to share your ideas.”

Last word: “If you like what you see, you can have a active role in making something cool happen,” Arvold says of Kickstarter. “That right there builds a community and a one-on-one connection. I think that’s incredible.”

Watch for our full interview with Isaac Arvold, coming soon!

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