Artcrank: Allan Peters and Shark

Allan Peters MN Rollergirls Poster
Bike-themed gallery show Artcrank earned plenty of local chatter when it made its annual Minneapolis debut on April 14. If you missed the opening-night party or were too distracted by arepas and Mayda, though, you can still see the posters at  One on One Bike for this last week–through May 12–or at the closing show on May 18 at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul. Before the show leaves for another year, we talked to a few of the participating artists about what else they make and do.

Allan Peters
Who he is: “I work as a senior art director for Target. I’ve lived in Minneapolis my whole life.” This was his third Artcrank.
Poster idea: “I worked on coming up with an idea for my poster for about six months. I had about four decent concepts, one good one, and about 100 bad ones.”
Why Artcrank: “I love posters, design, illustration, biking and Minneapolis–it just makes sense for me.”
Other work: ”I do everything from multi-million-dollar campaigns to 1200-dollar logo projects. I try not to focus on one style; however, I’m known for my vintage work and my simple modern work.”

“I’ve made projects for Nike, Target, and Spam. Everything from broadcast to zamboni design. You can see some of them at”

Dream project: “I want to design an airline or a killer music video.”
Likes about Minneapolis: “It’s a great culture pumped full of artists and designers. That and my family lives here.”

Favorite places in town:French Meadow, Birchwood Café.”

What Minneapolis needs: “More bike lanes!”

Last word on his art: “I love making it! I’m so glad I can make art every day.”

Shark Ohh Yeahh!


Who he is: “I am a student studying printmaking at the College of Visual Arts in St.Paul. I’ve lived here for four action-packed years. I’m originally from north of St. Croix Falls in rural Wisconsin.” This was her first Artcrank.

Poster idea: “I like to create designs that can be translated easily multiple ways–posters, pins, patches, t-shirts, etc. I went through many different layouts and configurations and finally settled on my key image.”
Why Artcrank: “In my slightly biased opinion, the greatest thing about Artcrank is how it affords young and unknown artists the same opportunity to be seen as well-known and loved Twin Cities artists. You don’t need a resume studded with swanky shows to be accepted. You just need strong work, and I really appreciate that.
“I’ve been to previous Artcrank events and extravaganzas and was amazed by the amount of support generated by the magic combination of bikes, art, and beer. So when I saw the open call posted for Artcrank 2012 submissions, I immediately jumped at the chance. I emailed Charles three examples of my work and my name, and crossed my fingers.”
Other work: “I work mostly with linoleum. I hand cut and print all my art (currently in my kitchen). My personal work is usually based on humor. If I can make my friends and myself laugh with an idea or drawing I’ll make it into a print. Right now I’m developing a series inspired by professional wrestling.

“I’ve been an intern at Kick.Stand. Press and Leg Up Studio for the majority of this year. They are working on developing a cooperative print studio in the Casket Arts building in Northeast Minneapolis. I’ll be one of the artists who have designed wallpaper for their ‘Off the Wall’ event for Art-A-Whirl this year.”

Dream project: “I’m always dreaming up ways to combine my childhood obsession with running away with printmaking. Ever since I heard about Drive By Press, I’ve been inspired to follow their model and create a traveling printcentric…circus…of my own. I’d like to wrangle up a group of like-minded print-pals and travel around the U.S. educating the public about printmaking. Right now though, I’m trying to stay focused on finishing my senior year of school with a strong body of thesis work.”
Likes about Minneapolis: “Minneapolis has something for everyone. I love how expansive, supportive, and diverse our art community is. There is always something fun to do, great art to see, and cool people to meet.”
Favorite places in town: “I love Northeast. The art community there is never-ending. I’m also a sucker for happy hour at Stella’s Fish Cafe–shrimp po’ boys and Summit–what a deliciously amazing combo!”

What Minneapolis needs: “Although Minneapolis already is an amazing bike city, I think we need to work on making it even more bike friendly. The safer the better.”