Help Boneshaker Books Expand

Boneshaker Books Andrea Rugg

Photos by Claire Lindsay-McGuinn and Andrea Rugg.

Project: Help Boneshaker Books Expand

Goal: $5,000

Deadline: Wednesday, May 23

Why it’s good: Progressive Seward bookstore and community meeting place Boneshaker Books opened in 2010 thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Now the all-volunteer staff is hoping to replicate that success with a new push to expand the store, particularly its children’s section. ”It was part of our initial vision of the store to have a great space for children and families to read, be read to, hang out, and have events,” says founding member Jason Paschall. Though that wasn’t possible when the store first opened, the plan for this “Phase II” is to expand and remodel to add more space to the store for kids to read and play, and to increase the children’s and parenting inventory.

Funds will also go toward updating the store’s community meeting space. Local nonprofits and radical organizations can already congregate there for free, but the Boneshaker staff hopes to add audiovisual equipment and improve the lighting and furnishings so that it might be used to show movies, display art, and otherwise serve more groups’ needs. With floor plans and other specifics already available on Boneshaker’s website, it’s clear the collective has put a lot of thought and effort into how they can make their space better and how donations will lead directly to those improvements.

Rewards: True to Boneshaker’s collective nature, donating to the Kickstarter can earn you direct involvement in the spot’s future: Giving $250 or more snags a spot on the Skeleton Crew, meaning you get to choose a title for the store to permanently stock. Jason adds, “Another sweet reward is a tiny zine pack, packed and mailed by our volunteer Tiny–who’s 6’6”.”

Why Kickstarter:“Kickstarter works a lot like a garage sale in my opinion. Most of the money you raise comes in the first couple of hours and the last couple of hours, but you have to sit in the driveway all day for it to work,” Jason says. For those mounting campaigns, he advises, ”Have a clear message and let everyone you know what’s at stake. If you are passionate and believe in your project, your supporters will be as well.”

Last word: Jason: “We can only reach our goal with your help! Oh, and Read More Books!”

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