LegUp Studio: Print Your Art Out

LegUp Studio

Project: LegUp Studio…Print Your Art Out!

Goal: $4,000

Deadline: Monday, June 4

LegUp Studio has already surpassed its monetary goal.

Why it’s good: Minneapolis has no shortage of people and places that make prints, but navigating that world as an up-and-comer isn’t necessarily easy. LegUp Studio, located in the Northeast arts district, is working to change that with an affordable, accessible print making space. “I think the idea of creating a community print space has long been a dream for all of us,” says Gilpin Matthews, who co-founded the venture with Lauren Schuppe and Edie Overturf. The three united when Lauren and Gilpin, also known as Kick.Stand.Press, decided to move into a larger space and invited wood-cut printer Edie to share the studio. The three artists soon began developing their shared goal of a print collective for “everyday folks.” The shop is now “chugging along,” she says, but the creators launched their Kickstarter with the hope of expanding the services they offer, including T-shirt, fabric yards, and wallpaper printing.

“It is not always easy for printmakers to both purchase and house all of the required presses and supplies that they need to print,” Gilpin says. “We make it easy: Just come print here and save yourself some money, space, and be a part of a collective community.”

Rewards: Hand-printed note cards, tote bags, and T-shirts aren’t just the rewards you can earn by donating to the campaign; they’re also advertisements for the kinds of projects artists can make at LegUp. If you really want a closer look at how the studio works, though, give $100 for enrollment in one of their screenprinting workshops or $200 for a private screenprinting class for two.

Why Kickstarter: Lauren and Gilpin had first heard about the site from a printmaking colleague in San Francisco a few years ago, and had been waiting for the right project to use it. ”I heard one of the creators of Kickstarter interviewed on NPR the other day, and I was so happy to hear about how he felt about never selling the site to private interests, and how he really believed in the power of several small donors helping a larger project,” Gilpin says. “That kind of thing pulls at our heartstrings and should be encouraging to anyone who is thinking of starting a project campaign using Kickstarter.”

Last word: LegUp’s collective spirit is tied to the founders’ roots in the Northeast arts community and Minneapolis as a whole. “The artists here are our friends and associates, and if we all work together we will succeed,” Gilpin says. “LegUp  is appreciative of all collective efforts, and we feel the more facilities that there are, the better and stronger the print arts will be in Minneapolis.”

Photo via the LegUp Studio website.

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