The Rabbit Hole

Kara Lovemelt

In this day and age, achieving inner peace is no easy feat. In an era where the price for physical and mental oneness is quite steep—what with most gyms and yoga studios costing an arm and a leg to attend—it’d be pretty understandable for those with a desire for physical and spiritual fitness but without the beaucoup bucks to pay for it to get discouraged.

Luckily, the Minneapolis Performing Arts Cooperative aims to change that with the unveiling of its new home base, The Rabbit Hole, located on the corner of Central Avenue SE and 8th Street SE in Northeast Minneapolis.

The Rabbit Hole was founded by Andrew Nasvik out of a desire to provide an affordable and more easily accessible space for yoga and performing arts enthusiasts.

“There weren’t many places to practice,” said Nasvik. “You can train at a lot of places, but it’s very expensive and you get very little practice time.”

As such, Nasvik and several other local yoga enthusiasts teamed up to rent out a suite to serve as a practice space for several different disciplines, from yoga and wall climbing to dance and acrobatics.

Indeed, when I arrived at the Rabbit Hole, it was shaping up to be no mere yoga studio. In addition to a couple trapeze rigs set up, features such as a climbing wall were under construction. There’s plenty of room to stretch, spin, and dance, and if you just wanna chill in between practices, there’s a big ol’ bean-bag cushion and rainbow-colored hammock that you can laze in.

Hang time on the trapeze

And to Rabbit Hole member/teacher Kara Lovemelt, the numerous applications in a community-based studio would help set it aside from the uber-expensive alternatives, allowing it to be accessible to all who desired a little bit of that good ol’ fashioned nirvana.

“The idea has been that this would be a cooperative environment where we would be able to use the space we’d practice in,” said Lovemelt. “What we wanted to do is create a space that would facilitate a practice environment for any disciplines.”

Currently, the only classes being offered center around yoga, but for $5 a day, you can utilize the space for independent practice (after signing a waiver and with a Rabbit Hole member present at all times, of course). But after the grand opening and open house of the Rabbit Hole on August 11, a wider variety of classes (which will be donation-based, from $5 to $10) will gradually be offered to the masses.

“As we move forward and as things start to come together scheduling-wise and the general momentum of the space being operational, you’re gonna start seeing more and more classes popping up,” said Lovemelt. “Not only by the people who are partners in this space, but we also have instructors who are interested in teaching classes here from outside of the regular membership.”

So for those with a niche for yoga, spinning arts, wall-climbing, dance, wushu, aerial arts, and body-balancing, you can definitely scratch it here at the Rabbit Hole. I myself took my first-ever yoga class here a couple weeks earlier, and though I was clearly unprepared for the sheer physical dedication it took (especially in comparison to the seasoned pros in the room), I nonetheless felt very comfortable in the peaceful, communal environment that the space and its members cultivated. And to Nasvik, that’s ultimately the point.

“It’s always been about building community amongst performing artists,” said Nasvik.

While the social media initiative for the Rabbit Hole is still under construction, you should definitely attend their August 11 opener if your interest is piqued. There will be an all-ages open house from 2 to 6 p.m., and then an epic gala re-opening at 10 p.m., featuring DJs, aerial arts performances, and more. You can check out the details on their Facebook event page.

The Rabbit Hole is located at 726 Central Avenue Southeast, Suite 107 in Northeast Minneapolis. While the Minneapolis Performing Arts Cooperative’s website ( is still under construction, you can check out the Open House event page to get updates and make inquiries. Currently, yoga classes are held at the Rabbit Hole every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m..