From Pasture to Platter

Meat Clothing LLC

Project: From Pasture to Platter by Meat Clothing LLC

Goal: $3,000

Deadline: Tuesday, September 4

Why it’s good: It’s not that steak or bacon or giant turkey legs ever went away, exactly, but pop culture’s love of good meat has definitely experienced a resurgence in the past few years, from the web series Epic Meal Time‘s aggressively carnivorous creations to Parks & Recreation‘s Ron Swanson proudly showing off his double-steak “Turf & Turf.” As seen on those shows, meat love is both genuine and humorous–a combination that also inspired Meat Clothing LLC‘s Nick Ullrich and Dan Wilson.

“The idea of doing the meat T-shirts started off as a total joke,” the guys explained. ”We were driving home from New York tired, delirious, and hungry. We started talking about food, particularly meat. Somehow that turned into us joking around about putting images of sausage and bacon on our T-shirts. At a certain point, we realized, why not?” Though they wanted to keep their project joking and entertaining, the pair was also serious about meat preparation. “Even though we wanted to create something goofy, we saw the opportunity to raise awareness about something we believe in. We knew that video was the best way to deliver the message,” they said.

Screenprinting meat designs gave rise to the idea of a cooking show, and that’s what the Kickstarter is for. “From Pasture to Platter” will follow meat’s path to the table, offering information about farming, nutrition, and meat preparation. Nick and Dan have worked on video projects together before; Nick’s experience is in graphic design, screenprinting, and audio production, while Dan has a culinary background. They plan to use funds raised from this campaign for the goods and equipment, plus collaborations with designers, for a pilot episode, with more installments to follow in the future.

Rewards: Nick and Dan’s work in screenprinting–they’re two of the owners of studio Anthem Heart–plus the fact that they founded Meat Clothing LLC as a line of products, made Kickstarter rewards easy to furnish. Rewards at most of the levels include meat-themed posters, stickers, and T-shirts. Donating at the highest level, $5,000, earns a personal visit from the team, who will fly out to hand-deliver the printed prizes and treat their donors to dinner at a five-star organic restaurant.

Last word: “If you have an idea for a project, just do it.”

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