Don’t Toss Your Cookies

It’s August and that unavoidable enticing siren song of Minnesota State Fair food beckons you come hither. Greasy, fried, sugary, salty: It’s glorious gluttony at its finest.

There are the classics like mini donuts, pork chop on a stick, all you can drink milk…but what Minnesota State Fair trip would be complete without a visit to Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar? Those sugary sweet morsels are one of the quintessential State Fair items. A trip to the fair without eating Sweet Martha’s cookies is a fair half-lived.

Now, you could be sensible and get a cone of cookies to share…or you could do it right and get the bucket that literally overflows with cookies, because as my old softball coach used to say before every game, “I didn’t come to play half-assed. I came to WIN!”

And win you shall, in a sugar coma sort of way. The last time I indulged in one of these epic buckets of cookies, it was a challenge even I was not expecting. Despite my friends and I eating over a dozen cookies just so we could close the lid, we then continued to eat cookies for the next couple of weeks. At a certain point after the greasy fair haze has lifted, the thrill of the bucket starts to wear off as you work your way through a few dozen cookies that have slightly hardened into crisp discs of shame, reminding you that you just ate more sugar and fat than anyone should probably consume in a lifetime. But if you are like me and don’t like to waste food then might I suggest some of these alternative uses for leftover Sweet Martha’s cookies:

1. Super absorbent coasters
2. A notepad for grocery lists
3. A thingy to balance a wobbly table
4. Shoe inserts
5. Currency (because who doesn’t love cookies?)
6. A new iPhone case

I hope that these suggestions for Sweet Martha’s cookies help you through the post-fair sugar crash…at least until next year when we do it all over again.