The Chalice’s Guilty Pleasures

The Chalice

The Chalice has been around for less than a year, but Lizzo, Sophia Eris and Claire de Lune have already made an impression on the local hip-hop scene and beyond with their confident live shows and their sultry, swaggering singles, playing off of hits by Salt-n-Pepa (“Push It”) and Queen (“Mama”). Now they’re releasing an EP, We Are The Chalice, with a show Friday at the 7th Street Entry. As they prepared for their big night, we asked them to share some of their favorite guilty pleasure songs–the ones they love to belt at the top of their lungs in the car or the shower. They’ll surely be wowing a packed Entry on Friday September 28th, but here’s their playlist of the songs they sing when no one’s watching. (Listen to their picks on Spotify.)


Ben Folds Five, “Kate”

When I was younger, my brother sister and I would sing the entire Ben Folds Five album over and over in three part harmony.

This track is my favorite to belt alone, because of its playful lyrics.

Anastasia (The Soundtrack), “A Rumor in St. Petersburg” (not on Spotify–YouTube here)

This is my favorite movie of all time, and this song is so fun to sing with the character voices! Sometimes I break into a song and dance routine with this number.

Beyonce, “Dangerously in Love”

Beyonce is a Queen. This is a Queen’s love song. I wish I could sing it half as good as she can.

Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

“His palms are sweating, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already–mom’s spaghetti.” Nuff said.

Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Queen is my favorite band, and this song is (in my opinion) one of the greatest songs of all time. It’s so fun to sing and such a vocal playground. I especially love singing the epic guitar solo with a series of “duuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunannun!”s.

The Chalice

Claire De Lune

Lauryn Hill, “Ex Factor”

This isn’t a guilty pleasure song because I have no guilt whatsoever about how much I love Lauryn or this album. However, it is probably the best car-singing song ever. And when I’m all alone I don’t have to worry about how well I hit those high notes!

Jay-Z, “99 Problems”

Everyone who knows me/works with me knows that I am very adamant about NOT being a rapper. I sing, and that’s it. But, in the privacy of my own shower stall, I do enjoy getting my rap on. And Jay-Z is my all time favorite. In my opinion, “99 Problems” is one of the greatest ”storytelling” rap songs of all time.


Spoon, “The Way We Get By”
This was the first Spoon song I ever heard. I’m still hard pressed to find a song that’s better for dancing around your room in your underwear to. Spoon are the kings of killer grooves.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”
I’m not a big BRMC aficionado, but this song is a beast. I DARE you to drive around with this thing blasting and not feel like a bad-ass (spoiler alert: it’s not possible).

Mariah Carey, “Always Be My Baby”
There are very few songs in the world that have the potential to turn my entire day around every time I hear them, but when the beat drops on this and the “doo-doo-doo”s start, I cannot be bummed. It’s impossible, I’ve tried. Probably my favorite sing-it-in-private-but-never-in-public song. It’s an undeniable classic.

Sophia Eris

Erykah Badu, “Fall in Love (Your Funeral)”

Michael Jackson, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”

Soul For Real, “Candy Rain”

Brandy, “Sittin’ Up In My Room”

SWV, “I’m So Into You”