MPLS.TV is a a Minneapolis-centric video network.

MPLS.TV features both original and curated/submitted video content that highlights and champions the unique cultures that makes Minneapolis thrive.

Founded in 2009 by Chris Cloud and Kevin Albertson, MPLS.TV is a Minneapolis-centric video network that features both original and curated/submitted content. Through the video medium, we highlight and champion the unique cultures that make our city thrive. M

MPLS.TV strives to make the familiar unfamiliar, to consistently give our viewers fresh new views of the city and its inhabitants. From musical cooking shows featuring your favorite local rappers to short art films, if you're watching MPLS.TV, you can be sure to expect the unexpected.

We're picky about quality, not content. We aren't interested in showcasing just one kind of taste, one kind of talent, or one kind of belief. Like the great city we serve, we're a mixed bag; teeming with creativity, bustling with sound and motion, brimming with music, voice and color. MPLS.TV takes all this culture and gives videos a platform to stand on; acts as a pedestal to promote the various lives and times to be had in Our Fair City.

Whether you're a Twin Cities native or you've never left the state of Texas, MPLS.TV offers a diverse medley of reasons to love Minneapolis. Take a closer look, there's something here for everyone.

What others have to say about MPLS.TV:

  • "You can find all sorts of hyper-local websites, but few have that you-never-know-what-you're-going-to-find-here quality like MPLS.TV, a kind of underground booster group that celebrates the City of Lakes in ways the Chamber of Commerce never dreamed of." -Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • "MPLS.TV isn't just a group of people. It's a teeming, swelling, swirling collective that gathers at all hours of the day and night to learn, share, create, and make something big. It's inspiring, and you should know about it. Consider yourself warned." -City Pages

  • "The MPLS.TV crew throws wicked parties, sponsors the coolest of the cool events, and has dipped their toes into national waters with online powerhouses like" -l'eotile magazine

  • "MPLS.TV is everything the MT's of the world should be ¬ with a local twist." -Metro Mag

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