Bobby sits down with Ghostly International recording artist Mux Mool in the newest episode of So You Think You Kahn Dance.

Bobby Kahn shares his Riverdahnce with the world!

Bobby Kahn has a Ho-down with First Pube and a very special guest!

Bobby Kahn is back with an all new series!

“If You Will It, It Is No Dream”

Some of you may remember this line from The Big Lebowski, or if you are like me, you went to a Jewish summer camp named after the name who said those words originally and had them ingrained in your head like so much propaganda.

Well, I think it worked.

As hopefully a lot of…

On Saturday, August 27, several of the Twin Cities’ finest video artists and DJs will be coming together for a very special edition of the weekly “Black” party at First Avenue’s Record Room. The party, called the Twin Cities EJ Festival, has been put together by local video artist Nico Demonte, aka 000000000001. I interviewed Nico ahead of the festival to see what…

As you may or may not know, I am a certifiable pizza expert. I love the sauce. I love the crust. I love the cheese. But most of all I just love Pizza! I’ve rarely met a pizza I didn’t enjoy, but in light of a recent bad experience, I felt the need to throw down the gauntlet. Hey rest of the world besides…

Let me get serious for a second. I think my last few blog posts have been totally awful and not interesting or worth reading. This is about to change, my friends. I’m taking it back to the drawing board. Some of you may recall seeing my UnKahnventional Kahncepts video or perhaps you have seen UnKahnventional Kahncepts 2? I’m going to try to…

The world of Minneapolis through Bobby’s eyes. This week: The Jean Jam

The world of Minneapolis through Bobby’s eyes. This week: Michelle Bachmann

Bobby Kahn went to the Lyn Lake Street Fest with one question on his mind: Is there anyone interesting left in Minneapolis?

The world of Minneapolis through Bobby’s eyes. This week: Tim Pawlenty