Hip-hop producer Big Cats shares a playlist of the music that influenced his solo instrumental album, For My Mother.

Hip-hop group The Chalice shares a playlist of their guilty pleasures.

Jake Heinitz, who created this weekend’s Hip-Hop Harambee, tells us about himself and September’s best block party.

“I don’t think she ever thinks about me” – photo by Instagram user gaadgette, used with permission

Every August, it appears on the horizon, looming like a giant, noisy, cheese curd-and-hay-scented storm cloud. You can shrug it off, think you’re too good for it, but by the end of the month, it’s unavoidable. Even if you never set foot on the grounds, the Minnesota…

Project: Who is Vermin Supreme?

Goal: $10,000

Deadline: Monday, September 3

Why it’s good: Filmmaker Stephen Onderick first met alt-candidate/political troll Vermin Supreme while shooting footage for Indymedia at Chicago’s NATO Summit protests. After assuming at first that Vermin was just an amusing sideshow, Onderick became fascinated by the man’s satirical approach to campaigning.

To Onderick, Vermin Supreme’s…

Diversity is a tricky subject in Minneapolis. Sure, we’re far from the mass of pale-skinned, lutefisk-gobbling Vikings other parts of the country might imagine: Not only is it common to see notices in government buildings in Hmong and Somali as well as Spanish and English, but members of those immigrant groups have also run for and in some cases won public office here, and Minneapolis boasts…

This week’s letter from the editor announces Pumped Up Kicks’ return with a reminder: make your Kickstarter good.

The founders of Meat Clothing LLC need your help (on Kickstarter) to fund their new cooking show.

One of the best things about the Minnesota Fringe Festival is the chance it gives first-time theater producers to try something new.

The first of our weekly check-ins to let you know what we’re thinking about and what’s coming up at MPLS.TV.

This week’s Pumped Up Kicks spotlights Bumpin’ Uglies, an independent, Minneapolis-based iPhone game in the style of Angry Birds.

R&B singer-songwriter Claire de Lune talks about her debut EP and why now is a good time to be making music in Minneapolis.