Well, it ended. It’s the ending I always expected. Except, you know, for the chunk of the season after the first ten games until two weeks after the all star break. For a while there, I had wildly different expectations. Or should I say exPEKtations.

As the season winds down, we look at one sad fact of sports. A team is not exactly made up of the players on it. Trades, free agency, just plain being waived. There are many ways to gain and lose a guy. I remember telling Sarah to not stay attached to Luke Ridnour because the rumors were heavy that he would be traded, presumably for a shooting…

For this week, we get all multimedia on your asses. Sarah and I had a family trip planned to Sioux Falls, and since there is a D-League team there, we decided we could take in a game. This is an important step in Sarah’s assimilation into basketball culture. Can she still enjoy a game without knowing a single player? Lets find out!

This week we cover a familiar taunt the Wolves have received the last few years. We draft and sign point guards like we think they are Pokemon. Collect ‘em all. For this purpose, we only look at the last few years.

This week we cover the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, which is like a carnival of millionaires. Sarah didn’t know what to expect, but seemed to generally enjoy herself.

Sarah Morean takes over for a grief-ridden Adam Hansen while he continues to process the 6-9 month loss of our dear Ricky Rubio.

Adam Hansen here, just checking in with some nostalgia. It’s easy to say I’ve loved basketball for a long time, but it’s time to back it up.


While going through my family’s old photos, I was shocked by two things:

1. How many photos my family took of my birthday cakes


Sarah lists her top five Timberwolves crushes in this week’s Quintuple-Double.

A basketball quarter consists of twelve minutes, but halftime is fifteen. If you’ve ever tried sitting and doing nothing for fifteen minutes, you would know it’s no fun. The Timberwolves know this too. They offer a bit of a show to get you through this fifteen minutes.

My name is Adam Hansen. I like basketball. I’ve liked basketball for as long as I can remember. Join Sarah Morean as I, along with my Wolves season tickets, introduce her to the wonderful game of basketball.

Sarah and Adam review some of the many food options the Target Center has to offer.

Wolves season ticket holder Adam Hansen introduces comics queen Sarah Morean to basketball in Quintuple-Double.