It’s the first day of the last year of college for Bacon. Will his long journey in the Life Collegiate finally be worth it?

Final Fringe weekend is upon us! If you haven’t been to a show yet – shame on you. But don’t worry – MPLS.TV has you covered with the down-lo on what’s worth the price of admission.

My friend and fellow improviser Jake Scott remarked, as we stood in a long line for The Gay Banditos (review forthcoming), that it’s “crunch time” for audience members who waited to find out what would be sure-fire festival hits. He’s correct; this will be an incredibly busy weekend. I for one won’t be able to see Troy until the encore slot (fingers crossed) as it’s sold out almost every performance. If there’s…

Welcome back, kiddos! Before we dive into the formal reviews, allow me to make a more personal recommendation: I highly recommend Amrita Dhaliwal’s solo show Lady Love at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. I met Amrita during the Chicago Improv Festival last May, as well her stage persona, Lady Love. Her show is a half-improvised, audience-interactive, energetic learning experience. She’s an out-of-towner, and doesn’t have much local support, so I want to…

With the festival in full-effect & over 165 shows to choose from, the Minnesota Fringe can be a little overwhelming. MPLS.TV wants you to know what you can’t miss, what to skip and what to ‘wait for video.’

Hi kids, I’m Nick Decker: Improviser, Actor, former Villain of the Fringe! I’ve been to a lot of Fringe shows, and I’d like to think I know what’s worth seeing. Please let me know that you disagree. And let me know what you think I should see!

For the sake of your sanity on the next sweltering day, Eric’s put together a guide to all of the water activities the “City of Lakes” affords, with some tips on the best lakes to partake.

Bacon takes on five of the toughest dudes in known competitive eating history in this recap of the 3rd Annual Diamond Dog Eating Contest at the Depot Tavern.

This week’s Pumped Up Kicks spotlights Bumpin’ Uglies, an independent, Minneapolis-based iPhone game in the style of Angry Birds.

We talk with Kristi Larson, the woman behind this week’s #FollowFriday Tumblr pick, Extraordinary Minneapolis.

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R&B singer-songwriter Claire de Lune talks about her debut EP and why now is a good time to be making music in Minneapolis.