Roger Engmark is a man of few words. But then again, having spent more than 30 years maintaining the lanes at Bryant Lake Bowl, he’s probably tired of repeating himself.

All This Is Ours pays homage to a series of institutions embodying the things we love about Minneapolis, particularly as these places often remain unacknowledged or unseen by the public eye.

Enter Shiny Robot

Doomtree fans love the crew’s collaborative family spirit, but we don’t always see the men and women behind the curtain. Team the Best Team will feature brief interviews with Joe Mabbott of The Hideaway, Bruce Templeton from Magneto Mastering, and other backstage players.

Ben LaFond’s Flickr stream overflows with years of Doomtree photos. For It Begins With A Flash, we asked him for his favorite shots to create a pictorial history. Details for each photo are below the gallery.

Photos of GAYNGS Affiliyated Showcase at First Avenue + 7th Street Entry + Record Room contributed by Ben LaFond.

Photos of Spyder Baybie Rawdog, Slapping Purses, La Manchita & Mystery Palace. contributed by Ben LaFond.

Photos of the LOVE POWER Megabash by Ben LaFond .