On the day before she performed at the Fine Line Music Cafe and sat down for an interview with MPLS.TV, Iggy decided to split with her Interscope management and take control of her own career. That entrepreneurial authority was evident as she had her nails done and shared her thoughts on her videos, Internet culture, and what might be next.

3 Questions with Sims

You spent a lot of 2011 on tour. What are the best snacks or drive-thru food to have on the road?

At this point, I am unbelievably tired if [I'm eating] gas station snacks and fast food. I do my best to avoid them entirely. However, I eat the hell out of In’n’Out Burger on the west coast. Any kind of…

3 Questions with Mike Mictlan

Your Blowout night is practically a survey of Twin Cities hip-hop. What local artists should we be watching out for?

I got some new songs with Spyder Baybie, P.O.S., and La Manchita that I’m excited to do. And when I Self Devine hits the stage, it’s gonna be epic.

You’re originally from the sunnier climate of L.A

3 Questions with Dessa

You released and promoted a solo album and the crew record within a couple of months. How do those two experiences compare?

“Castor, The Twin” was recorded pretty swiftly, but arranging the songs on that album was sometimes meticulous. Working with my band (Sean McPherson, Dustin Kiel, and Joey Van Phillips), almost every song was undone, reassembled, tweaked and re-tweaked…

3 Questions with P.O.S.

So when are we going to hear the album with the “My whole crew’s on some shit” song?

That song will be on my next solo record. I don’t know when that’s coming out.

Vita.mn just named you one of the 5 most influential Twin Cities people of the last 5 years. What lasting influence do you want to have

3 Questions with Cecil Otter

One of your biggest projects this year was the mash-up Wugazi. Which member of the Wu-Tang Clan do you most identify with, and why?

RZA because he pulls double duty.

Will we hear a new solo album from you in 2012?

I’m hoping to get Porcelain Revolver ready for 2012. That’s all I can say at

3 Questions with Lazerbeak

With your weekly blog column “Tuesdays with Lazerbeak,” you’re often the voice of Doomtree. What do you like and dislike about that role?

Being a producer, a lot of times you end up taking a much more behind the scenes role. I really like doing the blog because it gives me a bit more of a voice and allows me…

3 Questions with Paper Tiger

Now that you’re in New York, what do you miss most about Minneapolis?

Aside from the obvious (family, friends), I miss people being polite, and Jasmine Deli. 

What’s your favorite song to break out while DJing a party or dance night?

That is a tough question, but I love the beat for “Get to Poppin’” by Rich Boy…