P.O.S premieres “Bumper”, the first single from his upcoming album, on City of Music.

Learn more about MPLS.TV cameraman Chris Hadland, currently on tour as Doomtree’s official video homie.

With the line “10 years in our lane,” No Kings becomes the culmination of a decade-long rise to the top of Twin Cities hip-hop. The feature Ten Years In Our Lane would traces that path, using the posters from all seven Doomtree Blowouts.

Sims, Cecil Otter, and Lazerbeak of Doomtree spit ‘pellas in the snow.

Doomtree fans love the crew’s collaborative family spirit, but we don’t always see the men and women behind the curtain. Team the Best Team will feature brief interviews with Joe Mabbott of The Hideaway, Bruce Templeton from Magneto Mastering, and other backstage players.

Ben LaFond’s Flickr stream overflows with years of Doomtree photos. For It Begins With A Flash, we asked him for his favorite shots to create a pictorial history. Details for each photo are below the gallery.

Eunice will show you how to make donuts. P.O.S. from Doomtree amd John Grider from Broken Crow are guests.

Players Without Instruments is a profile of local figures who, in addition to their musical ability (or lack thereof), work some of the more thankless yet equally vital jobs around town to help keep the Twin Cities music scene thriving.

This week: Ander Other of Doomtree

They’re taking over First Avenue and 7th Street Entry for one whole fucking week for this year’s Blowout, so we decided to cede MPLS.TV to them, too.

3 Questions with Sims

You spent a lot of 2011 on tour. What are the best snacks or drive-thru food to have on the road?

At this point, I am unbelievably tired if [I'm eating] gas station snacks and fast food. I do my best to avoid them entirely. However, I eat the hell out of In’n’Out Burger on the west coast. Any kind of…

3 Questions with Mike Mictlan

Your Blowout night is practically a survey of Twin Cities hip-hop. What local artists should we be watching out for?

I got some new songs with Spyder Baybie, P.O.S., and La Manchita that I’m excited to do. And when I Self Devine hits the stage, it’s gonna be epic.

You’re originally from the sunnier climate of L.A

3 Questions with Dessa

You released and promoted a solo album and the crew record within a couple of months. How do those two experiences compare?

“Castor, The Twin” was recorded pretty swiftly, but arranging the songs on that album was sometimes meticulous. Working with my band (Sean McPherson, Dustin Kiel, and Joey Van Phillips), almost every song was undone, reassembled, tweaked and re-tweaked…