El-P and Killer Mike get into the wild at the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire on T*tty Fucking and more.

On the day before she performed at the Fine Line Music Cafe and sat down for an interview with MPLS.TV, Iggy decided to split with her Interscope management and take control of her own career. That entrepreneurial authority was evident as she had her nails done and shared her thoughts on her videos, Internet culture, and what might be next.

Ula Brown was at the River’s Edge Music Festival & had one simple question: What the F**K are YOU Wearing?

Bowerbirds perform “Overcome With Light” and “Brave World” in the warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis, off their latest release The Clearing for North Shore Sessions.

MPLS.TV interviews Crocodiles at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry.

MPLS.TV talks with emerging bands who play the 7th Street Entry room at the legendary First Avenue. These bands share stories about themselves, their recording processes, touring, and more.

Learn more about MPLS.TV producer, director, and cinematographer Erika Ochoa.

Josef Buchel tells us an epic tale of friendly competition gone wrong on Franklin Avenue.

Highlights from the Best New Bands of 2011 showcase at First Avenue. Shot by Erika Ochoa and Joah Colby-Milbrath.

Battles perform “Africastle” on MPLS.TV’s live performance series, “City of Music.” This is the second episode to be released on Pitchfork.tv. Be on the lookout for others.

In October 2011, MPLS.TV entered the Haunted Basement and captured this startling tale.