Battles perform “Africastle” on MPLS.TV’s live performance series, “City of Music.” This is the second episode to be released on Be on the lookout for others.

Doomtree fans love the crew’s collaborative family spirit, but we don’t always see the men and women behind the curtain. Team the Best Team will feature brief interviews with Joe Mabbott of The Hideaway, Bruce Templeton from Magneto Mastering, and other backstage players.

Eunice will show you how to make donuts. P.O.S. from Doomtree amd John Grider from Broken Crow are guests.

Toro y Moi performs for City of Music, a series of unique musical performances recorded live by MPLS.TV and released on Pitchfork.

Eunice will show you how to make a chicken pot pie with biscuit topping. Sims from Doomtree is the guest. To bring a fun and entertaining aspect to the show, the Get Cryphy DJs were set up in the kitchen, and provided a soundtrack during the show. There’s even a dance break with FRY GIRLZ.

We rounded up some of freshest local music videos that have been dropped in January.

Here is some exclusive footage of the fine foks in GAYNGS working out part of the song “The Gaudy Side of Town”