Kari devotes an entire gingerbread structure to Sex World.

Despite what retail stores may have you believe, Thanksgiving does still exist between Halloween and Christmas. An interesting day that began with a mix of cultural and historical traditions into what Americans now use as a day to recognize that which we are thankful for and also to gorge ourselves on absurd amounts of food then pass out on the couch.

A little internet research (see: wikipedia) and I…

Did you know September 16th is National Play-Doh Day? Kari makes edible play dough food.

Kari found as many pizza-flavored items as she could and turn them into a pizza.

The “Organ Recital” was a variety of veal offal- heart, kidney, tongue, liver, sweetbreads and bone marrow, all provided by Meadow’s Pride Farm.

Kari takes a trip to a local record store with an impressive candy selection, and finds an entire section of unusual delights.

Kari tries a recipe for a Vegetable Salad Mold that was found in a cookbook titled “American Oriental Cooking” published by Chun King and Mazola Corn Oil in 1962

Kari visits Cause Spirits and Sound bar in Uptown for its recently revamped menu including the outstanding addition of the Luther Vandross burger.

Booze and ice cream? Sign us up!

Almost daily I pass by the White Castle on Central Ave in Northeast Minneapolis. And almost daily, out of a combination of slight horror and intrigue, I ponder their popular menu item, the Chicken Rings. Why rings? Why not a more realistic shape for a chunk of chicken?

Exotic foods in Minneapolis!