Project: Who is Vermin Supreme?

Goal: $10,000

Deadline: Monday, September 3

Why it’s good: Filmmaker Stephen Onderick¬†first met alt-candidate/political troll Vermin Supreme while shooting footage for Indymedia at Chicago’s NATO Summit protests. After assuming at first that Vermin was just an amusing sideshow, Onderick became fascinated by the man’s satirical approach to campaigning.

To Onderick, Vermin Supreme’s…

This week’s letter from the editor announces Pumped Up Kicks’ return with a reminder: make your Kickstarter good.

The founders of Meat Clothing LLC need your help (on Kickstarter) to fund their new cooking show.

LegUp Studio is raising money on Kickstarter to create an affordable, accessible printmaking space in Northeast Minneapolis.

Progressive Seward bookstore and community meeting place Boneshaker Books opened in 2010 thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Now the all-volunteer staff is hoping to replicate that success with a new push to expand the store.

Death to Prom wears its John Hughes influences on its pink satin sleeve, but shakes up the central love triangle and celebrates “fabulousness” in a way that’s tailor-made for the 2010s. Donate on Kickstarter to help make the film happen.

Filmmaker Rosemary Williams hired a private investigator to learn more about the ’50s pinup girl who shares her name. Now she’s making a movie about that other Rosemary and the scandal that ended her career–and she needs your help, on Kickstarter.

Photo by Nancy Wong.

Project: In Habit: Living Patterns

Goal: $4,000

Deadline: Sunday, April 15

Why it’s good: Northern Spark, the dynamic all-night arts festival taking place throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, has already raised enough funds via Kickstarter to return for its second year this June 9. The festival’s organizers are still encouraging individual artists and…

Isaac Arvold plans to re-imagine his lost artwork with an original new exhibition. Donate to his Kickstarter campaign to help make it happen.

Dreams of the Fallen brings together an award-winning composer and poet team to explore the experience of American soldiers in Iraq.

The creators of the Jiggernaut, a device that helps novices on a budget build bike frames, have already reached their Kickstarter goal–but you can still donate to help them start their business.

Minnesota Opera wants your extra cash to present a children’s opera based on the novel The Giver.