Photos of the LOVE POWER Megabash by Ben LaFond .

An event like this, and The Somethin’ Else (happening from 7 – 10 at 1419, just down the block from Love Power), are centered around music, but should also provide an open space discussions on community.

So far we’ve talked three people who have been instrumental in putting together different aspects of the event. But for today’s interview we decided to talk to someone who has been spending their time creating some of the jams you’ll be hearing: Albert Elmore.

For our third installment of the LOVE POWER interviews, we talked with Jonathan Ackerman about his involvement in the event, the local band and DJ scene, and how they’re coming together. And just for fun, we included a cheaply made animated video version of the interview.

In our quest to learn more about this big show going down at Love Power this Friday, we talked with Jon Davis of Ghostband (among others) and organizer of The Somethin’ Else.

In order to get a better idea of what exactly is happening at Love Power on Friday, we went to Garrison Grouse, the booker at Love Power.

Winters in Minneapolis are not known for their excitement and great events but this event will change your world.