“I don’t think she ever thinks about me” – photo by Instagram user gaadgette, used with permission

Every August, it appears on the horizon, looming like a giant, noisy, cheese curd-and-hay-scented storm cloud. You can shrug it off, think you’re too good for it, but by the end of the month, it’s unavoidable. Even if you never set foot on the grounds, the Minnesota…

Destroyer perform “Libby’s First Sunrise” for City of Music on Pitchfork.tv.

Battles perform “Africastle” on MPLS.TV’s live performance series, “City of Music.” This is the second episode to be released on Pitchfork.tv. Be on the lookout for others.

Toro y Moi performs for City of Music, a series of unique musical performances recorded live by MPLS.TV and released on Pitchfork.

MPLS.TV will be releasing a brand new City of Music on Pitchfork.tv tomorrow. The first guest is chillwave superstar Toro y Moi. This is the first of hopefully many episodes with Pitchfork. The photos below are a sneak preview and were contributed by Minneapolis photographer Marshall Franklin Long.