In this installment of Babes in Soyland, Holly teaches us how to make classy, dinner party-style apricot cupcakes.

Holly checks out a preview of next Saturday’s first ever Twin Cities Veg Fest and goes home full and satisfied.

For as much as Minnesotans complain about the winter, they sure do complain about the heat! I am, personally, not super stoked about hot and humid weather, but I find that little treats throughout the day can make it bearable and take little to no effort! Here are a few simple, delicious ways you can attempt to beat the heat this summer:

Delicious Treat #1: Popsicles

Adults never have…

Holly checks out Pho Tao Bay on Nicollet Avenue and comes away satisfied.

On this week’s Babes in Soyland, Holly whips up a big, fancy vegan dinner for her boyfriend’s birthday.

Holly whips up some vegan peanut butter cookies in honor of Mother’s Day,

Holly ventures into the intimidating world of raw foods in this week’s Babes in Soyland.

In case you are unaware, April 17th is National Cheeseball Day and as an avid lover of all things cheesy, Kari couldn’t let the day pass without creating her own party snack orb of zestiness.

Holly explores the healthier side of vegan living in this week’s Babes in Soyland.

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Name: Holly VerHage

Age: 30

Role: Babes in Soyland writer and vegan recipe-tester

Where she’s from: ”Grand Rapids, Michigan. I ended up in Minneapolis because I did an internship…

To celebrate her best friend’s birthday, Holly whips up some delicious vegan cupcakes!

Holly celebrates the unnaturally warm spring season with a deliciously fresh summer salad.