Bacon takes on five of the toughest dudes in known competitive eating history in this recap of the 3rd Annual Diamond Dog Eating Contest at the Depot Tavern.

Caroline gives some advice on what to do during Northern Spark 2012.

Maybe you found yourself waving a paper “WAG” sign in the air at an Illuminous 3 show. Or you noticed fans at last summer’s Audio Perm Block Party throwing W hand symbols in the air. Or you spotted a rapper onstage wearing what looked like a Minnesota Twins shirt, but with the M logo flipped upside down. Wherever you first heard it…

An interview with one of the creators of MPLS Summer of Love, an interactive event calendar focused on the metro area.

Photo by Nancy Wong.

Project: In Habit: Living Patterns

Goal: $4,000

Deadline: Sunday, April 15

Why it’s good: Northern Spark, the dynamic all-night arts festival taking place throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, has already raised enough funds via Kickstarter to return for its second year this June 9. The festival’s organizers are still encouraging individual artists and…

Works Progress’ Salon Saloon has three years under its belt of bringing together creators, thinkers, and doers for presentations and discussions.

Caroline gives you a comprehensive list of DOs and DON’Ts to ensure you have the time of your lives this Saint Patty’s Day… Without ending up dead or in prison.

The Get Cryphy 4-Year anniversary, an art show, and an Eat for Equity dinner party are all brilliantly described in haiku form. Check out the poetry and clear your calendars–there’s a lot of cool stuff to do this weekend.

Three ridiculously cool concerts you should probably consider attending this weekend. Oh yeah, and haikus.

Three of this weekend’s upcoming events summed up in haiku form.

Hi, I’m Barb Abney from 89.3… The Current. Thanks to wonderful support from listeners like you our 7th Birthday Party sold out in a matter of hours. Because of the extreme level of interest in our Birthday Party we’re happy to announce that tickets to next year’s birthday party will be going on sale RIGHT NOW.

Join us in 2013 as we celebrate our 8th birthday like…

Kids! Go see if your mother is ready, we’ve got to get downtown soon if we want to see the big parade! Make sure you don’t forget your mittens and your hats; we’ll be standing outside for a few hours. Sure, it sounds crazy now, but the Holidazzle is so much fun!

Boy, there sure are a lot of people down here. Can you believe all the…