R&B singer-songwriter Claire de Lune talks about her debut EP and why now is a good time to be making music in Minneapolis.

In this month’s Players Without Instruments, Chris profiles concert photographer Sharyn Morrow.

Chris profiles Robert Simonds, the executive director who helped make The Cedar Cultural Center a local music scene success story.

Chris Polley profiles The Current’s David Safar.

An interview with local blogger and music connoisseur Brandy Du Toit, the woman behind this week’s Tumblr pick, 365 Music Project.

Chris puts the spotlight on Cody Hughes, the manager of three Twin Cities rock acts.(The Goondas, Red Daughters and Buildings).

Local rapper Botzy is building a Valentine’s Day tradition with annual compilation and show The Best Love is Free.

Anyone who calls themselves a guitarist (or those of us who pretend to do so) in the Twin Cities can attest that Willie’s American Guitars, nestled in on the corner of Cleveland and St. Clair Avenues in St. Paul, isn’t just a place to buy an instrument. Known first and foremost for its formidable collection of vintage and collectible guitars, its legacy and longevity…

Lizzo & The Larva Ink’s frontwoman shares her thoughts on the Minneapolis scene, performing with her various collaborators, and doing Lizzo.

Doomtree fans love the crew’s collaborative family spirit, but we don’t always see the men and women behind the curtain. Team the Best Team will feature brief interviews with Joe Mabbott of The Hideaway, Bruce Templeton from Magneto Mastering, and other backstage players.

Players Without Instruments is a profile of local figures who, in addition to their musical ability (or lack thereof), work some of the more thankless yet equally vital jobs around town to help keep the Twin Cities music scene thriving.

This week: Ander Other of Doomtree

Doomtree! Fucking great to meet you guys, thanks for seeing me on such short notice.  I represent a pretty major label, I can’t say which quite yet, but I wanted to tell you: We love your sound. We are HUGE fans. P.O.S, Dessa, SimCity, Major Lazer, Puppy Tiger, all of you guys. There are some big-time executives that are VERY interested in signing you but they’re going to…