Well, it ended. It’s the ending I always expected. Except, you know, for the chunk of the season after the first ten games until two weeks after the all star break. For a while there, I had wildly different expectations. Or should I say exPEKtations.

A basketball quarter consists of twelve minutes, but halftime is fifteen. If you’ve ever tried sitting and doing nothing for fifteen minutes, you would know it’s no fun. The Timberwolves know this too. They offer a bit of a show to get you through this fifteen minutes.

My name is Adam Hansen. I like basketball. I’ve liked basketball for as long as I can remember. Join Sarah Morean as I, along with my Wolves season tickets, introduce her to the wonderful game of basketball.

Wolves season ticket holder Adam Hansen introduces comics queen Sarah Morean to basketball in Quintuple-Double.

From its inception, the Timberwolves franchise has always been a major disaster. Aside from drafting Kevin Garnett, it seems like nothing good has ever happened to Minnesota’s favorite NBA team.