Ula Brown was at the River’s Edge Music Festival & had one simple question: What the F**K are YOU Wearing?

When a clown becomes a hooker, things get tricky.

Welcome to The Team’s first video–it’s time to join the Jennas for “everyday tips for everyday girls doing everyday things every day, girl!”

Bobby Kahn shares his Riverdahnce with the world!

Bobby Kahn has a Ho-down with First Pube and a very special guest!

Josef Buchel tells us an epic tale of friendly competition gone wrong on Franklin Avenue.

Bobby Kahn is back with an all new series!

Chuck Schuegen, your former almost-governor of Minnesota is back & bigger than ever with a new campaign ad for Schuegen 2012 – not directed by Michael Bay.

Courage to Stand on Courage Mountain

Directed by Kevin Albertson
Written by Max Leibowitz

Max Leibowitz
Logan Beere
Kevin Albertson

Director of Photography: Matt Barnes
Editor: Kevin Albertson
Closing Titles: Joshua Carlon

Produced by MPLS.TV
Copyright 2011…

In 2007: Chad Totters, college freshman, UFC tryout-reject, & American Eagle night shift assistant manager, pledged the Omega Omega frat where he drowned attempting the world’s longest keg stand. Now, Chad haunts his former college selflessly helping freshman succeed where he failed, so he can move on…

What happens when you combine a killer guitar solo, drunk love and the Hexagon Bar? Watch the newest episode of Street Stories and find out!

Chuck Schuegen campaigns at the Minnesota State Fair for Schuegen2012

Hannibal Buress was in Minneapolis for some shows at Acme Comedy Club in early June 2011. MPLS.TV was able to hang out with Hannibal in only the best way possible…on Segways.