Who is he, really?

A cool video profiling Minneapolis-based bike frame builder Erik Noren and his custom frame building company, Peacock Groove Cycles.

An interview with local rapper ICE ROD about his hilarious and innovative Chat Roulette freestyle show.

Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love reads the classic children’s book “The Cat in The Hat” to commemorate Dr. Seuss’ birthday and promote Read Across America day.

Bobby sits down with Ghostly International recording artist Mux Mool in the newest episode of So You Think You Kahn Dance.

Minneapolis slam poet Michael Lee performs his moving piece “Pass On” in this subtle, elegant video.

Bob tells the tale of his doomed canoe trip down Minnehaha Creek.

Traditional hand-lettering by Dan Madsen. Video by Hunter Johnson.

What happens when you combine a killer guitar solo, drunk love and the Hexagon Bar? Watch the newest episode of Street Stories and find out!

MPLS.TV presents Street Stories, a series out to collect the tales of our city streets. Claudia tells her story of a date gone wrong on Lyndale Avenue.

Bobby Kahn went to the Lyn Lake Street Fest with one question on his mind: Is there anyone interesting left in Minneapolis?

Kareem Ahmed visits Urban Bean Coffee Shop and kicks it with owner Greg Martin.