The Zineatorium cozies up with some correspondence zines.

December 1st is World AIDS Day. This week’s column focuses on zines that are about or mention HIV/AIDS, which aren’t many local zines. So since it’s World AIDS day, I’ll stretch the usually-local aspect to include zines from other places.

Have you heard about the Queer Zine Archive Project? They’re local in a Midwest way. They’re just about the awesomest thing…

The ZIneatorium celebrates Buy Nothing Day with a few freebie suggestions.

Want to DIY? These local zines will launch your homesteading efforts.

The Zineatorium doles out a few suggestions of where to find zines, from bookstores to libraries, plus a Q&A with Yeti Records about their new zine selection.

This drawing hobby is great and all, but we’re concerned because there just doesn’t seem to be any money in it. Don’t you want to be, you know, successful?